Our formaldehyde-free insulation options
ensure environmental protection and
personal well-being.

Thermo-Floc® Blow-In

Thermo-Floc® Blow-In is a formaldehyde-free fibreglass loose wool that can be used as wet or dry blow-in ceiling and cavity insulation.


This loose fill insulation guarantees superior thermal and acoustical performance, easy installation, environmental protection and the personal well-being of occupants post-installation. Thermo-Floc® Blow-In ceiling and cavity insulation can be bonded with a motionless, odour-free air-setting binder to seal and control the movement of fibres during the installation process. Our binder does not affect the colour or performance of the product.


• Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K of 0.04515)
• Thermal Resistance (R-value of 2.21m2.K/W) at 100mm
• Thermal Resistance (R-value of 2.55m2.K/W) at 115mm
• Thermal Resistance (R-value of 2.99m2.K/W) at 135mm
• Thermal Resistance (R-value of 3.32m2.K/W) at 150mm


The thermal performance of bulk insulation products is measured by their Thermal Resistance or R-value. The R-value is the ability of a product to resist the transfer of heat and is the most important factor when selecting thermal insulation. The higher the R-value the more effective the insulation.

To check which thickness of thermo-floc you should install to comply with the minimum R-value stipulated in SANS10400-XA refer to the Thermal specification thickness guide per climatic condition zones here.


Ceiling and cavity insulation.


Thermal resistance test report

Fire test report

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Thermo-Floc® Foil

Thermo-Floc® foil-faced building insulation.

Thermo-Floc® Wrap

Thermo-Floc® foil-faced duct wrap insulation.

Thermo-Floc® Liner

Thermo-Floc® glass cloth faced duct liner insulation.

Thermo-Floc® Exhaust

Thermo-Floc® fibreglass muffler fibre exhaust insulation.

Thermo-Floc® Oven

Thermo-Floc® fibreglass oven insulation.


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